This Did Not Take Place - Impakt, Utrecht
Working Up A Sweat - Dirty Furniture 2
Monopoly of Legitimate Use - Život umjetnosti
Into Your Hands... - Blueprints for The Unknown
Critical Cities
Smart City Dreamin' - Transmediale, Berlin
Haunted Machines - FutureEverything, Manchester
Technological Territories - Noon SS14
Haunted Machines, Web Directions South 2014
Continuous Monuments... - Amateur Cities
HIAP Residency - Helsinki, Finland
The School of Tomorrow - Venice, Italy
The Ongoing Collapse
Designed Conflict Territories - IMAL, Brussels
Conversation with Anab Jain - Lighthouse, Brighton
The Monopoly of Legitimate Use
Z33 Debates, Designing Futures - Milan, Italy
Digital Sketches
Designed Conflict Territories - Open Democracy
Designed Conflict Territories
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